Kinexit is a user-friendly online subscription service that delivers professional-grade workout plan, personalized to mobile-users anytime and anywhere.

Kinexit is planted at the intersection of science, sports and technology. Its roots go deep as it stands tall ahead its competitors… and so can you. From the Kinexit vantage point you can see your goals and the way to reach them.

While Kinexit honors tradition fitness it will not allow tradition fitness to hold you back. Not when there’s better. Not when there’s more. Not when you want it so bad you can taste it! Not when you are willing to earn it.

Kinexit fitness training involves 100%, 3-dimensional functional movement meant for you. The movement patterns are never random. Each is strategically selected and choreographed for optimal value creation. The workout plan takes place in and between the sagittal, frontal, and transverse planes. All movements are simultaneously engaged 3-dimensionally throughout the body.

Here’s how Kinexit works...



It begins by choosing a sport or program. Each sport is systematically sequenced by movement development in each position. Each specific movement of the sport is then broken-down three-dimensionally into its component body positions and movement patterns.



Next, performance is measured by performing a series of self-tests. Testing involves mobility, power, speed and endurance. Characteristics of each athlete are factored in. Then, general fitness requirements and sport specific injury prevention considerations are added into the equation.



The result is solution that provides precision fitness training, unlimited workout plan, customized for a person’s specific sports, position, and personal performance level, aspirations, and limitations.

Kinexit keeps your workout plan personal by giving you choices.

Kinexit keeps fitness training personal by giving you choices. You can custom tune each and every workout plan to fit your schedule and scale your challenge as to priorities, duration and intensity. You can also choose a previous workout plan or have Kinexit instantly serve up a new one tailor-made just for you. Your progress is continually tracked and tuned to optimize your benefit. You can even linkup with your teams and coaches. The Kinexit System continues to evolve and expand rapidly in features, function and value. We are pleased and privileged to provide it to athletes & professionals and those they serve.