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Grow your game

Kinexit makes it easy for you to start training outside the golf course with exercises targeting your needs helping you grow your golf game

Kinexit Testing

The testing is made for golfers at all levels. You can customize your training with Kinexit’s self-testing designed to find and remove your body's restraints. Your tests consist of a combination of flexibility, strength, speed and endurance. You don’t need to complete all the testing, but a minimum requirement is flexibility. All you need is a wall, a measuring tape and 15-minutes.

Measurable Results

When your testing is complete Kinexit will give you immediate feedback on the areas in which you can improve.

Personal Exercises

We offer a safe and fun way to train, either at the gym, at home or on the course. Kinexit covers all the areas that you need – from specific pre-round warm up routines to full-body workouts.

Connect with your Golf Instructor or Fitness Professional

Kinexit has a unique dashboard that allows you to team up with your golf coach. The dashboard allows your coach/trainer to send you specific golf-related exercises to help grow your golf game with Kinexit.

Trusted by golfers

Kinexit has helped thousands of golfers grow their game. Become a member and unlock your full potential!

Getting started is simple

Kinexit is simple and easy to use. Just Test, Train and Improve.

5 reasons why Golfers love Kinexit

  • Improve faster

  • Feel better

  • Play more

  • Gain confidence

  • Get recognition