Frequently Asked Questions

Is Kinexit for all golfers?

Absolutely! Kinexit is designed for golfers at all levels. Kinexit targets exactly what you as a golfer need. A combination of flexibility, balance and control. You also get golf specific warm-up progress.

Does Kinexit improve my golf game?

Based on research, the majority of Kinexit members improve their score, lower their handicap and gain distance.

How much time do I need to work out?

You can set your workouts to a minimum of 15-minutes. We recommend 30 minutes per workout to get the most out of Kinexit.

Do I need gym equipment?

No, gym equipment is not required. Kinexit uses nothing more than your own body weight moving in space - just like golf. Kinexit does offer exercises using equipment like dumbbells, a medicine ball, mat and foam roller.

What do I do if I need support?

Just reach out! Our team is here to help if you run into technical problems, have a question about the program or just want to say hello. You can reach us by email at or reach out to us on our chat.

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