Kinexit is a user-friendly online subscription service that delivers professional-grade, custom workout routine to mobile-users anytime and anywhere. Kinexit doesn’t compete with, but rather compliments, the professional services of the Pro, Coach, Trainer or Health Provider.

Movement training closes the gap between one’s ability and potential. It does so in four powerful ways…

  1. First, traditional strength and conditioning workout routine focuses on flexibility, strength, and cardio endurance; leaving a critical integrative movement deficiency that limits skill acquisition, adaptability and performance; the kind of deficiency that is associated with vulnerability to injury. Kinexit’s Function First priorities close the training gap with comprehensive, custom, full-body, 3-dimensional movement that integrates, synergizes and transforms physical performance. That leaves more time for practice.
  2. Second, traditional workout routine mostly relies on isolated single-purposed training techniques that target either flexibility, or strength, or cardio. Kinexit custom workout routine engages all three of these training dimensions simultaneously, making training time ever more efficient and rewarding.
  3. Third, traditional workout routine is exercise based not movement based. Exercises are generic. Kinexit movement workout routine is skill building, specific, strategic, and systematic. That difference opens the door to better performance in less time
  4. Forth, traditional workout routine relies primarily on static positions, single-plane movement, a limited number of tasks with high repetition. In contrast, Kinexit’s purposeful custom movement training is constantly progressing and evolving with spontaneous 3-dimensional, inter-regional, chain-reactional challenges that harness the natural forces of gravity, mass, momentum and ground reactions. That makes each training experience more natural, relevant, robust and adaptive.

Results quickly become noticeable and are frequently startling in magnitude – both client/athlete and training/treating professional benefit from having increasing custom resources and performance to work with. That makes training more interesting and valuable.

Since optimal fitness and athletic performance requires the skillful integration of flexibility, strength, cardio and movement, doesn’t it make sense to train that way too?

Have you ever sat quietly on the sideline of a sporting event just listening to the comments of coaches and crowd around you? Have you listened intently to the sports announcers as they comment on a great player or best play of the game/week/year?

So, do you think movement might be important?
Well, if moving is what everyone is talking about, why don’t more people train for movement? Why? Because most don’t know how …until now. Kinexit shows you exactly how – move by move.


Kinexit is planted at the crossroads of science, sports and technology. Its roots go deep and it towers high above its competitors. From its vantage point you can see your goals, new possibilities and the path to reach them. While Kinexit honors tradition it won’t allow tradition to hold you back. Not when there’s better out there. Not when you want it so bad you can taste it! Not when you are willing to earn it...

Each of us wants more out of life… success, opportunities, recognition and rewards… We each have our own abilities, limitations, and challenges. So too, our families, friends, experiences, knowledge, resources, opportunities, hopes, dreams, and aspirations are uniquely our own. Kinexit understands and celebrates individual uniqueness. And, it is at your precise point of uniqueness that Kinexit custom workout routine begins and evolves. Why would anyone ever again settle for a one-size-fits-all traditional training program?

Consider this… Your entire body powers your performance through complex three-dimensional integrated chain-reaction movement patterns. Doing so requires 206 bones, 230 joints, 650 muscles, and more nerve cells than can be counted, to synchronize together toward a common purpose. High performance demands movement that is dynamic, complex and constantly adapting. It needs to occur subconsciously, spontaneously and instantaneously to variable, unpredictable and ever evolving challenges.

It means that every part of your body is always either helping or hurting your performance… nothing is neutral or inconsequential. It all matters. A glitch here or deficiency there degrades skill execution and play performance. Subtle linkage faults in chain reaction biomechanics limit movement, erode power, and diminish control. The result can be suboptimal training, ineffective practice inconsistent play and potential injury.

Movement and force become more evenly distributed throughout body regions enabling physical resources to be recruited and loads distributed. Movements become more fluid, even appearing effortless. The space around the person evolves from being probed to explored, then occupied, and filled with increasing control until every part of it is finally dominated. This leverages even greater performance while reducing the potential for injury.

As prescribed custom workout routine movements are practiced, they automatically stimulate the central and peripheral nervous systems to establish new neural connections leading to endless possibilities and ever expanding potential. Each custom workout routine further refines and tunes patterns locking in movement memory and reaction quickness across critical neural pathways. Coordination synergizes enabling greater adaptability and overall performance.

Kinexit custom workout routine is the real deal… integrating a full range of athletic attributes including mobility, stability, agility, speed, power, adaptability, resiliency, recovery, vitality, and robust well-being. Yup, it’s all in every workout. And, every workout routine is custom crafted “on the fly” just for you, using your personal profile and Kinexit’s proprietary algorithms. Being able to train anytime, anywhere with just the time you have means freedom and flexibility like you’ve never experience before.

Train better. Play more.

Kinexit’s scientific functional approach to training teaches the body more efficient and effective ways to move to optimize performance, health, and wellness.


Kinexit was developed because traditional online workout routine just didn’t measure up to our standards or the potential we recognized in our athletes. Existing online workout routine generally lacked individualization, purpose/relevance, sports specificity, strategic significance, meaningful progression, and were too often boring or prohibitively expensive. We believed our athletes deserved better and we could provide it to them.

So we developed our own online custom workout routine and named it Kinexit. It was designed to provide an experience with continually updated content delivered directly to the user’s phone. A solution that would provide precision custom workout routine for an individual’s specific sport(s), position, performance level, aspirations, and limitations.


Kinexit is a Delaware, LLC with offices in the USA and Sweden. Kinexit is a science based system that is informed by decades of professional training, experience and research in human performance training, athletic training, personal training, strength and conditioning coaching, human factors engineering, ergonomics, physical therapy, chiropractic, and Applied Functional Science®. It uses its proprietary algorithms to deliver highly personalized and custom movement.

Kinexit® is a Registered Trademark with: The United States Patent and Trademark Office & European Union Intellectual Property Office.


KINEXIT expresses its sincere appreciation and deep gratitude to Gary Gray, DPT and David Tiberio, PT, PhD of the Gray Institute for their decades of mentorship and inspiration. Their bold vision and dedicated leadership have revolutionized rehabilitation, physical therapy, fitness, wellness, personal training, human performance, sports medicine, athletic training, and workplace safety and health. They continue to be The Thought Leaders and Source of Authentic Function® globally. We are privileged to share their friendship and enthusiastically endorse their excellent programs, products, and services that include:

  • Chain Reaction Seminar Series
  • Online Certification programs
    • 3D MAPS - CAFS
  • GIFT Mentorship Program
  • *Applied Functional Science® is a registered trademark of Gray Institute.